Anytime Fitness hosting Corporate Challenge

By | February 5, 2018


Anytime Fitness Corporate Challenge

It’s that time again…most of us have jumped headfirst into our New Year’s resolutions just days after asking ourselves these questions: “Is 2018 the year that I’m going to get in shape?” “What gym am I going to join?” “How much weight do I want to lose?” “I’m gonna quit smoking and get healthy!” These are only a few of the many aspirations we always hear. Unfortunately, most of us have given up on these goals after day 15 and then we wait another 350 days to try again.

Here at Anytime Fitness we’ve realized that if we can’t show results in the first 21 days of someone joining our facility then the likelihood of us retaining them long term drops significantly. Because of this we’ve started using our now popular 21 Day Challenge to get people real results real fast. We’ve found that in order for people to truly enjoy getting healthier they must have all of the tools necessary to stay Motivated, they must have a sense of Accountability and most people certainly enjoy a Challenge!

Here’s what our 21 Day Challenge consist of:

  • 24hr Access to Anytime Fitness
  • Meal Plan
  • 2 Assessments (before and after to measure progress)
    • Body Weight, Body Fat
    • Body Mass Index, Circumference Measurements
    • Range of Motion Screening, Strength Test
  • 9 Small Group Personal Training Sessions
    • Focused on Strength and Toning
  • Unlimited Large Group Sessions
    • Focused on Fat Burning

We are looking for 2 or more Companies in Morgan County that have at least 5-10 people that want to take part in our 21 Day Challenge. The winning company gets bragging rights and public recognition for their accomplishments. The Challenge Participant who loses the most body fat percentage will win a 6 month membership to our facility!

Most importantly we want to introduce everyone to a program that gets real measurable results so they can again feel good about themselves, have more energy to play with kids or grandkids, improve their work performance and ultimately get their quality of life back to where they think it should be.

The cost for each Challenge Participant is only $99 each. When doing the math the value is easy to spot: $99/avg 15 sessions = $6.60 for a hr Personal Training Session!! You’d be very hard pressed to find this sort of deal anywhere. To top this off I want to give you an additional discount all the way down to $79 if you can get 5 or more participants involved! If this awesome deal interest you I’d love to discuss this more in detail to answer any questions you may have! Thank you so much for reading the full content of this email and I look forward to hearing from you!!

Zach White

Anytime Fitness Martinsville

Cell 765-342-3600