Guidelines approval holds accountability for future city purchases

By | December 4, 2018

Martinsville, Ind. – The City of Martinsville Board of Works approved purchasing guidelines in Monday night’s Board of Works meeting.

Purchasing guidelines, which were not in place previously, were approved in Monday’s Board of Works meeting to set the standard for future purchases done by the City of Martinsville.

While the City did not have guidelines in place in the past, Mayor Shannon Kohl finds they will be essential in running the City responsibly and transparently moving forward.

“We inherited poor practices and unwritten guidelines, but we’re taking steps in the right direction to improve our City and the way it runs,” she said. “Thanks to our City Attorney and Taft Law, we’re able to ensure all purchases go through the correct channels for approval in the future.”

The purchasing guidelines, titled Resolution No. 18, were a result of a City Report done by City Attorney Anne Cowgur and Taft Law. The findings of the report revealed a lack of good practices for purchases and contracts within the City, which was uncovered last year.

During the summer of 2017, an incident was brought to the attention of the City, showing that purchases had been made by a now-former employee who did not have the authority to sign off on.

“We’ve learned from past matters, and we want to move forward in a strong, positive manner,” Mayor Kohl said. “Putting guidelines in place that weren’t there previously holds accountability for all departments and City personnel to be responsible in how to handle purchases and contracts.”

Resolution No. 18, outlined in the attachment below, will place purchasing responsibilities on the Board of Works and department heads, with approval guidelines varying based on the purchasing or contract dollar amounts.

Guidelines approval resolution 12-3-18