WorkOne seeking companies to serve as work experience/internship sites

By | March 26, 2017

What are the goals of a WEX?

Work Experience/Internship is a paid (or non-paid) WorkOne activity designed to enable youth to gain work maturity, occupational skills and exposure to the working world.  The work experience provides youth with opportunities for career exploration and skill development focused on appropriate work habits and work ethics.  Participation in a work experience helps youth acquire the personal attributes, knowledge and skills needed to obtain a job and advance in employment.

Benefits to the youth include but are not limited to:  exposure and exploration into different careers or industries, developing work readiness skills, motivation to stay in school and pursue a career or further training after completion of high school, develop a network of professional contracts and develop a working relationship with a mentor.

How does an employer become a WEX site?

Employers support youth by providing worksites for Work Experience/Internships.  The selection of a worksite for a paid and/or unpaid work experience is determined by the needs of the participant and the employer.  The employer creates a job description for the work experience position which is used as the training outline and provides work-related activities for the participant(s) to develop basic work habits, learn occupational skills and gain usable experience to promote future employment.

Eligible youth may be placed with a local employer for up to 8 weeks of employment and may work a maximum of 40 hours per week.  Youth are paid bi-weekly by JobSource.  The pay rate is the starting pay for a regular employee in a similar position at the worksite.  The typical earnings for a youth in a summer work experience is $3200.00

The employer tracks and certifies hours worked by the participant and evaluates the participant’s job performance as prescribed by the WorkOne youth program.  The employer observes and complies with applicable safety and health standards and observes Worker Compensation and Youth Labor Laws of Indiana and the Federal Government.  The employer also adjusts the job to other working conditions as stated in the worksite agreement.  Work experience activities may not reduce a current employee’s work hours, displace current employers or create a lay-off of current employees, impair existing contract or collective bargaining agreements, and/or infringe upon the promotional opportunities of current employees.

Can a non-profit, government or faith-based employer participate?

Yes! These employers can offer WEX opportunities in business-related areas including office work and event coordination, retail work, housekeeping or even dishwashing.  Participants cannot be asked to campaign for a political office or to promote a particular religious belief. For WorkOne sites, candidates cannot have access to confidential client information including Social Security numbers/driver’s license numbers or confidential case files.

For more information about serving as a Work Experience/internship worksite, please contact me.

Jo DuMontelle  –    765.278.3067

JAG Coordinator 

Successful WEX programs have:

  • A job description –A job description should include both tasks as well as how the participant will be evaluated. Your Specialist or WIOA/JAG staff can assist in developing this.
  • An employer interview –A participant should meet with the employer prior to the offer being made. Employers are never required to hire a WEX candidate.
  • An orientation to the job – this should include introductions to staff, training in safety and emergency procedures, as well as a conversation regarding expectations.
  • Training – Participants should receive minimal training on equipment and on major tasks that are expected to be performed during the WEX.
  • On-site Supervision – Youth require a single supervisor who directly supervises the participant’s schedule, oversees training, evaluates performance, and is available to answer questions.
  • Timely submission of documents – Participants are required to submit a timesheet documenting the hours worked. It is crucial that timesheets as well as evaluations are submitted by deadline so that participants can be paid.

WIOA/JAG staff foster a successful experience by providing 

  • Pre and post Career Readiness assessments
  • Regular follow-up and monthly site visits