Employers!  There are still Skills 180 licenses available!  The end date for use of free licenses has been extended to June 2022. 

Through the Indiana Rapid Recovery funding there are licenses for 180 Skills online training courses available to companies at no charge.  Included are courses for essential technical, employability and compliance skills for the entire organization.   180 Skills is adding new content all the time.  For example they recently added Project Management.  Attached is the current course catalogue of over 700 skill courses.

If your company is interested in the program, there is a simple interest form at www.180skills.com/indiana.  Scroll down to the Indiana Employer Training Request Form and complete.  You will be contacted by a representative from 180 Skills for the next steps. 

**Individuals can also access 180 Skills training licenses by contacting the WorkOne Plainfield office 317-838-9335, ext 200.