Thank you to Ryan Haddan, Licensed Branch Manager, Martinsville Market – KeyBank for providing this alert!

Morgan County has seen an influx in counterfeit $100 bills.  These bills pass the marker test, as they are actually bleached $10 bills, so the paper is correct.  One way to tell they are counterfeit is the printing is blurry as well as the paper feels off. Likely the bleaching process is causing them to be rougher than a typical bill.  Also when you hold it to the light at an angle the President’s face on the bill should match what is in the oval on the right side of the bill.  In these cases, the oval is showing the president on the $10 bill and not the $100 bill. These are older $100 bills prior to 2013 and do not have the blue strip in them.  We have received 3 of these just this week.  Here is a great interactive site for businesses to go to look at all the security features of each type of note;