🎧 We are hosting a Silent Disco on May 12th!🎧

Come Dancing! This is your chance to attend a really fun and unique event: Silent Disco sponsored by Martinsville Rotary Club. In case you haven’t seen this type of event before, here’s a quick description. When you enter you will be issued a pair of special headphones, which have three channels (red, blue, and green). The DJ is transmitting a different playlist to each channel – so depending on what you are in the mood to listen to you can switch from one to the other. People dance with partners or in groups, sometimes listening to the same song as each other, and sometimes different! The red playlist is today’s dance hits (warning: some adult lyrics). Blue is dance and alternative rock from the ’90s and ’00s. Green is classic rock and danceable country. It’s all fun!!

Martinsville Rotary Club passes on profits from each disco to different local charities, so you will be helping do good work in Martinsville and Morgan County by attending. Tickets are required, and we recommend buying in advance. We only have 150 pairs of headphones so once they sell out, they sell out! Click this link to get your tickets, and you can also submit song requests to the DJ in advance.

🎟 Tickets will go quickly! Get yours here: