CFMC ELev8 Early Learning Coordinator

Reports to:         President, CFMC

Full/Part Time: Part-Time Temporary

Date:                     June 1, 2022


The ELev8 Morgan County Early Learning Coordinator will work to advance early learning (birth to five) in our county with the mission to ensure all families have access to affordable, high-quality childcare and early learning programs and opportunities for children ages birth to five to create a path to academic and wellness success.  The position is part-time up to 15 hours per week. 

This position will create and lead a Morgan County Early Learning Coalition to promote initiatives that will increase our population’s access to education, increase the overall educational attainment of the region and align the regional learning system with economic opportunity.  This position will work to ensure that all children have access to high-quality early learning opportunities and will be a key to increasing educational attainment and supporting a strong economy in Morgan County. 


The overarching objective of this role is to be the dedicated resource working with community partners to take

the responsibility for improving the system of early learning in Morgan County.  The primary responsibility of

this role will be to facilitate, guide, and connect providers and community stakeholders to raise awareness, identify opportunities, and coordinate resources to address the most pressing challenges of early learning including:

  • Accessibility & affordability
  • Teacher education and support
  • High-quality programs
  • Increased availability and enrollment in birth to five early learning centers in Morgan County
  • Parent engagement
  • Community and employer awareness of the importance and employer expense of early learning


  • Grant Management, data collection, and reporting for ELev8 subgrant from Monroe-Bloomington Community Foundation.
  • Recording of tasks, processes, deadlines, and stakeholders with contact information.
  • Create and lead a guiding team who will work to shape the relationships among people, programs, and organizations to improve the early learning system for ages birth to five in Morgan County. Set a goal to increase by the targeted percent determined by stakeholders.
  • Develop a recognition program for high-quality programs and/or programs working to make quality improvements.
  • Convene, host, and lead an Early Learning Coalition for Morgan County providers and stakeholders.
  • Sustain the current programs in the Quality Cohort and assist with continuous quality improvement and level advancement.
  • Partner with organizations (Ex: county employers) that can help disseminate information to parents and employees to help make the case for the importance of the first five years.
  • Organize shared documents, budget expenses, receipt filing, and grant reports.
  • Assist with meeting preparation, professional development for early childhood educators, ordering grant materials/supplies, and event coordination. 
  • Develop a comprehensive communications plan that outlines key messages, tactics, methods, and a timeline for building awareness in the community.  Keep minutes for each meeting.
  • Help expand knowledge of early childhood education with key stakeholder groups to increase access to affordable, high-quality early learning opportunities in Morgan County.
  • Explore ways to increase local revenue and drive funding for early childhood education.
  • Work with the marketing manager for messaging via social media platforms, update website content, and create collateral as needed (flyers, posters, infographics, etc.)
  • Oversee ELev8 Morgan County’s Early Care and Education Coalition 2021-2024 Strategic Plan with a focus on the following areas:
    • Capacity, Access, & Quality
    • Workforce
    • Funding
    • Communication & Awareness

Characteristics of a strong candidate:

  • Experience in early learning or childcare preferred.
  • Motivated by the opportunity to create highly efficient processes and effective communication throughout the organization.  Self-starter and self-driven.
  • Strong project management skills.  Experience taking concepts from training and benchmarking to developing strategies and plans for implementation and follow-up reporting.
  • Desire for raising funds to drive improvements to early learning care.
  • Excited to help an organization grow and evolve to meet the changing needs of the community. Proven ability to work collaboratively.
  • A genuine people person.   Ability to lead through influence. Experience facilitating groups in both a large and small team setting.  A facilitator and developer by nature.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications and Google Shared Drive documents.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

To apply email by July 1, 2022:

  • Please provide a Cover Letter.
  • Please provide a resume including work experience.