Churches in MIssion is still needing individuals to collect food and other items at the upcoming concert events that start next month.

We have 25 concerts and only three of them have been spoken for so far.  

Here is a summary of what the events will look like: 

  • Pick up the CIM collection boxes at some point prior to the event – I can deliver them if needed
  • Arrive at the venue about an hour before the concert starts, ready to be the warm welcoming face of CIM
  • About 15 or so minutes after the concert start time, take the collected items to your vehicle and then enjoy the concert.  We get two tickets for each performance which requires paid admission
  • If you know of others who would like to work this event, pass this information on … if interested, have them contact me

Thank you so much, remember while the collection element is great, the community exposure is also key … as we continue to make ourselves know in the County.

If you can help us out, please contact Dave Maurer at or 317.445.3621.