The Martinsville Department of Parks has developed a plan that defines the role and guides the growth of the department over the next five years. This Comprehensive Plan document will be used by the Martinsville Department of Parks as a guide to implementing action items over the next five years. The Action Plan should be thought of as a “working list” that will need to be updated annually.

The planning process began in the fall of 2017 with an extensive inventory and analysis of the Martinsville Department of Park’s park and open space assets, indoor facilities, and social and economic context. Through the use of various platforms, the task force, stakeholders, and community provided awareness of the issues and needs facing the Parks Department.

The goals of this comprehensive plan included:

• Assess existing park, facility, and programming conditions.
• Determine community sentiment about existing services and facilities.
• Identify park, facility, and program needs.
• Define strategic and measurable goals and objectives.
• Provide action plan to implement strategies over the next five years.

View completed plan: City of Martinsville Parks 5 year Master Plan