Could You Use Extra Income?

The Census Bureau is hiring up to 500,000 temporary, part-time census takers for the 2020 Census in communities across the country.

Jobs for the 2020 Census offer competitive wages that are paid weekly, flexible hours, and paid training. Authorized expenses, such as mileage, are reimbursed for employees doing field work.

Apply Now

Anyone age 18 and older, such as recent high school graduates, college students, veterans, retirees, military spouses, seasonal workers, and people who are bilingual are highly encouraged to apply. People who already have jobs and want to earn extra income evenings and weekends are also encouraged to apply. Start Your Application…


Visit with Census Recruiting Assistant John Cox:

January 29th

Morgantown Library 9-11am

Martinsville Library 12-3pm

January 30th

Martinsville Library 9-11am

Mooresville Library 12-3pm

January 31st

Martinsville Library 


February 3rd

Martinsville Library 12-3pm