MARTINSVILLE – Installation of dry wells in various locations around the city is wrapping up.  Dry wells on Anel Drive, Virginia Street, and Dale Street will be installed this week.  The week of October 3rd will see the remaining dry wells on Duo Drive installed.  This may require a portion of Duo Drive to be closed during the day so that the installations may take place.  Once all of the dry wells have been installed, finishing work and paving will take place to complete the installation process.

Residents are reminded that once a well is installed, it will have gravel around it to keep it in place and to serve as part of the drainage system.  After the gravel has settled, it will be leveled off and then the streets where the wells have been installed will be completely resurfaced to aid in the drainage process.  According to City Superintendent Mac Dunn, “It may appear that a well is not functioning properly immediately after it is installed.  But, once the paving is completed, the surface will be pitched to direct the drainage into the well.” 

The dry well installations started in August and are being funded through the City’s Stormwater account.