MARTINSVILLE – The City of Martinsville has announced that the installation of several dry wells will begin the week of August 9, 2021.  These wells will help alleviate drainage issues in the areas selected for the installations.

The installations will take several weeks to complete.  Once a well is installed, it will have gravel around it to keep it in place and to serve as part of the drainage system.  After the gravel has settled, it will be leveled off and then the streets where the wells have been installed will be completely resurfaced.  The entire project, including the paving, is to be completed in early October.

Locations for the dry wells are:

  • Life Church of God (between South Harriet Street and South Josephine St. on Chestnut Street.)
  • 1620 S. Josephine Street
  • 1630 South Josephine Street
  • 1749 South Josephine Street
  • Southwest corner of South Harriet and Opal Streets
  • 1660 South Harriet
  • Northeast corner of Poston Road and South Josephine Street
  • 79 Duo Drive
  • 140 Duo Drive
  • 220 Duo Drive
  • 280 Duo Drive
  • Corner of Tulip Street and Plantation Drive
  • 230 Tulio Street
  • 139 Tulip Street
  • 410 Duo Drive
  • 610 Duo Drive
  • 690 Duo Drive
  • 640 Anel Drive
  • 559 Dale Street
  • 389 Virginia Street
  • 459 S. Grant Street
  • 680 S. Grant Street

Funds for this project are through the City’s Stormwater account.