MARTINSVILLE- Beginning Monday, April 10, 2023, the Martinsville Water Utility will begin flushing fire hydrants and will continue to do so through Wednesday, May 3, 2023. Flushing will be between the hours of 7:00 am to 3:30 pm in the following areas:

Monday, April 10
1500 Blue Bluff Road to 59 E. Blaine St.; Entire area of Main St.; East Poston Road; and entire area of Jefferson Street.
Tuesday, April 11
700 N. Sycamore Street to 310 N. Wayne Street; Entire area of East Street, and Ambrose Street.
Wednesday, April 12
389 N. Ohio Street to Sun Valley Trailer Park; Entire area of Basca Drive, Clore Street to E. Poston Road; Entire area of Holden Avenue, Northwest Avenue, Bills Boulevard, Bobby Helms Blvd., Ruth Rusie Way, and Artesian Acres.
Thursday, April 13
559 Prather Drive to 856 Lincoln Heights Drive; Entire area of Prather Drive, Harmon Drive, Graham Street, Lincoln Hill Road, Wolf Laurel, The Oaks on Lincoln Hill, and Lincoln Heights Drive. Last Hydrant on Lincoln Hill Road-End of line.
Friday, April 14
750 N. Lincoln Street to 1100 S. Colfax Street; Entire area of Lincoln Street, Grant Street, Kivett Parkside, and Colfax Street.

Monday, April 17
Cross Street to Home Ave; Center Street, Harts Trailer Park, St. Claire Street, Crawford Street, City Park, and Home Ave.
Tuesday, April 18
High School to Janay Drive; To include High School Grounds, First Street, Valley Drive, Park Place, Second Street, E. Columbus Street, E. Morgan Street, Fourth Street, Fifth Street, E. Harrison Street, Sunrise Street, Illinois Street, Michigan Street, John R. Wooden, The Fairgrounds, and Hospital Drive.
Wednesday, April 19
1891 E. Morgan Street to 175 Bailliere Drive; E. Morgan Street, Kristi Road, Judy Drive, Woodcrest Drive, Hillview Drive, Cramer Place, Hudson Court, Lewis Court, Byram Boulevard, Massey Road, and Kitchen Place to 175 Bailliere Drive.
Thursday, April 20
195 Bailliere Drive to 100 Jordan Court; Boring Place, Wood Place, Cleveland Drive, Grassy Fork Lane, Ferguson Drive, Elliot Court, Anderson Place, Goodnight Road, and Jordan Court
Friday, April 21
790 N . Mulberry Street to 289 W. Washington Street; Mulberry Street, Blaine Street, Marion Street, Cherry Street, W. Pike Street, W. Morgan Street and, W. Washington Street.

Monday, April 24
109 S. Cherry Street to 689 W. Harrison Street; S. Cherry Street, S. Harriet Street, ST. RD. 39 Bypass, Douglas Street, Elliot Street, Maple Street, and Henry Street
Tuesday, April 25
Morgan County Jail to R.J. Boulevard; Park Avenue, Shirley Street, Eric Court, Reid Street, W. Mitchell Street, Mallards Crossing, S. Josephine Street, Catherine Street, Colt Court, and R.J. Boulevard
Wednesday, April 26
Hacker Drive to Virginia Street; Hacker Drive, Robin Road, Plantation Drive, Magnolia Street, Duo Drive, Tulip Drive, Pine Boulevard, Ellen Street, S. Harriet Street, S. Josephine Street, Victor Drive, Gene’s Way, Burton Lane, Anel Drive, Dale Street and Virginia Street.
Thursday, April 27
Martinsville Plaza to Southview Drive; Martinsville Plaza, Clover Leaf Court, Plaza Drive, Burton Lane to South of ST. RD. 37, Jordan Road, Liberty Church Road, and Southview Drive
Friday, May 28
Gardner Avenue to Ash Court; Gardner Avenue, Commercial Boulevard, Mahalasville Road, South School; Schwab Trailer Park, Industrial Drive, James Baldwin Drive, Curry Drive, Indiana Creek Village, Elm Street, Maple Court, and Ash Court.

Week Four
Monday, May 1
Pin Oak Court, Sassafras Court, Crabapple Court, Grand Valley Center, Community Chrysler. Grand Valley Assisted Living Center and Grandview Nursing Home.
Wednesday, May 3
Rural Flush Hydrants