Building Confidence. Together.
These are unprecedented times — our communities, families, employees and organizations as a whole have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision and process for returning to the workplace can be complex and encompasses a variety of key aspects — starting with a safe, clean and secure workplace.

Fostering the wellbeing of employees and an organization can mean many things — it goes beyond the physical health of your people, and the bricks and mortar of the buildings in which your teams work. It includes the way people connect, the stress and worries they may face personally and professionally, the work products they create, teams they lead and the culture that drives it all.

The connection between organizational wellbeing and risk management has never been more apparent or more important.

The opening of previously closed facilities and office buildings following the pandemic requires careful planning and consideration. As local, state and federal authorities evaluate and begin to loosen shelter-in-place orders and other restrictions, your risk management, human resources and operations teams should work together to develop an action plan that addresses potential challenges to protect your people, property and organization.

This guide is designed to be an initial approach in helping you develop an action plan guiding those decisions. It will also help you understand how Gallagher can help provide the services and resources you and your organization need during the pandemic recovery process.