Did you know?

Great Socks Alive!*

*Courtesy of Association of Energy Engineers

For Bare Feet, LLC of Martinsville, Indiana, was recently awarded a Duke Energy and Vectren award for corporate responsibility as shown by reducing the total energy consumed in their facility. FBF is a leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer of licensed and novelty socks.

FBF Director of Marketing and Communications Jon Glesing received the award on behalf of the company while showing off his “Great Socks Alive.”

On September 19, 2019, the Indiana chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers hosted a luncheon seminar at which Karl Heisserer, Vice President of the chapter, made the presentations.

If a company is interested in energy reduction, please call Jennifer Pearl, president of the Bloomington Economic Development office at 812-320-1003. A future luncheon for local companies is being planned at this time.

For Bare Feet, LLC, branded and marketed as FBF, is a leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer of licensed and novelty socks. FBF is the longest-tenured sock licensee of the National Football League and is also licensed with hundreds of colleges, the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, NASCAR, and Fortune 500 companies and other businesses such as chocolate manufacturer Hershey, Wrangler, and Mossy Oak, among others. From 1997-2016 FBF Originals produced the official on-court sock of the NBA. The FBF corporate headquarters and factory in Martinsville, Indiana knits high-quality socks, headbands, wristbands, scarves and other items sold by retailers across North America. The company’s retail division, For Bare Feet Stores, LLC, operates retail shops across the U.S. and offers its products for purchase online at www.shopFBF.com.