Growing Green is a local 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was established on February 14, 2011, for educational purposes and scientific research and development in areas of recycling, unique conservation efforts, and for researching and implementing new and emerging green technology. Learn more about a large multi-phase program for Martinsville and Morgan County that we are working on.

Phase One will establish a Green Energy EcoPark and Phase Two will locate a Recycling Facility for common waste stream items on one of the available lots within the EcoPark.

The EcoPark will be approximately 114 acres and offer development opportunities and locations for companies providing direct access and visibility on I-69. Growing Green will utilize Green Energy Technologies, including Solar Panels, Geothermal Units, and Wind units, to help offset utility costs and invite new businesses to locate within Morgan County. The Green Energy EcoPark will be maintained as a Green Space, with Walking Paths, Play Areas, Nature Preserves, and Educational Tools spread throughout the park, as a place for Business, Education, and Recreation for all.

Phase Two will establish a Recycling Facility within the EcoPark. It will collect plastics, glass, paper, and aluminum recycled material for resale to these respective industries. This Material Recovery Facility (MRF) will collect between 30 – 35 thousand tons of recycled material from Commercial and Residential locations around the county. It will contain state of the art Laser and Optical Sorting units in order to produce the cleanest end-product for resale and reuse.