Thank you to Sarah Rubin, INDOT Project Manager, Section 6, and Tim Miller, Sr. Project Manager with HNTB CORPORATION for bringing us up to date on all of the #I69FinishLine accomplishments so far. They also prepared us for the temporary closure of State Rd. 37 from the State Rd. 39 exit to Morgan St. that will take place as soon as January 2, 2021. This will allow for the work on mainline I-69 to be completed faster (The completion date will be a full construction year sooner!) and be safer. Go to to sign up for email or text updates.

Q & A not covered in video presentation

Q. Will there be a stoplight or stop sign at 39 & Hacker Drive?

A. Yes, a traffic signal is proposed to be installed at SR39/Hacker/Burton yet this year. Contractors are finalizing and completing the utilities necessary for the signal installation.

Q. What happened to the welcome to Martinsvillle sign? 

A. A Martinsville Rotary Club member disassembled the welcome sign on Morgan St. and has the individual signs.