MARTINSVILLE – The City of Martinsville Water Department has announced improvements to its bulk water delivery system at their 390 South Mulberry Street location.  Starting April 8, 2021, a new water distribution machine will be operational at that location. 

To make the installation of the new equipment, bulk water purchases will not be available over the dates of April 5-7, 2021.

The new machine will only accept debit or credit cards and will operate more reliably than the current equipment.  Effective with the operation of the new machine, the price for the water will be calculated based on the number of minutes it is used to dispense the water.  The rate will be $1.35 per minute which will yield approximately 125 gallons of water per minute.

The new machine will be accessible 24-hours a day, 7 days a week; however, it will be monitored through video surveillance equipment.  Additional lighting is also being installed to enhance the security of the equipment and the area around the distribution center.