Ivy Tech is excited to introduce Ivy Accelerate, an adult cohort program that helps busy working adults earn their Associate degree or certificate on time.  

  • Students choose whether they wish to earn an Associate degree or Certificate after their first session.  We are offering Cyber Security, Business Administration and Pre-Nursing.  
  • Possibility to enroll for free through the Next Level Jobs Program.  
  • Classes will be two evenings a week and program group meetings and activities will be held one Saturday a month.  
  • This program is similar to ASAP, a program for recent high school graduates.  Like ASAP, interested students must have program-ready test scores, complete the Accelerate application, submit a letter of recommendation/nomination and schedule their interview.  
  • Ivy Accelerate will begin October 26, with second eight week fall classes.  
  • For more information, contact Jennifer Rusk, jrusk5@ivytech.edu, and bloomington-ivyaccelerate@ivytech.edu.  Students can also see application materials on the website, ivytech.edu/bloomington/accelerate.