KinderPrep Academy of Martinsville update:

We had the amazing opportunity to bring new life into the world in both the plant and animal kingdoms. Our students worked hard with their Friends from A Senior Retreat, Adult Day Services caring for the plants in our intergenerational garden. We are starting to see that their hard work is paying off! 😍💦🌱☀️ While raising baby plants outside, we also successfully raised nine butterflies inside! It was so neat for our students to able to see each stage of their lives in real time.🐛🦋 We are also blessed with special guests who come to visit us throughout the month: 🎻1st Thursday: Fiddle music with Tom Henson Jr 📚2nd Thursday: Story-time and crafts with the ladies at Fables and Fairy Tales 🎸4th Friday: Sing-Along with Craig Adams.

The 2021-2022 school year is now open for registration! If you want your child to have a truly unique early education experience, schedule a tour TODAY! ❤️ Application for Admission is here👇🏼: