The days are getting longer and the official first day of spring is March 19th. Take full advantage of March with 20-:30 second commercials for $195.00. Get 10-:30 second commercials on WCBK 102.3 FM and 10-:30 second commercials on WMYJ 100.5 FM (My Joy) for only $195.00! And add Drive Time or Sale & Swap Shop airings on WCBK for just an additional $2.00 per commercial. Even though WMYJ 100.5 FM (My Joy) doesn’t quite have as strong of signal as WCBK, it does have a good and very loyal listening audience. But you have the option to trade the 10 commercials on WMYJ for 3 additional commercials on WCBK at the same cost. Please let me know if you would like to get the word out for your business now that we’re really going to start to see signs of spring