Mayor-Elect Kenny Costin

MARTINSVILLE – Mayor-Elect Kenny Costin has announced his appointments for key positions within his administration. In making the announcements, Costin stated, “I am extremely pleased to be announcing these appointments today. These appointments were made after careful consideration of each applicant. We know that we will be facing many challenges in the weeks ahead, and I truly believe that these appointees are the best people to serve our community.”

Kurt Spivey will be serving as the Chief of Police. Spivey has over 20 years in law enforcement experience, serving most recently on the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. The Mooresville native is also a United States Army Veteran.

Assuming the position of Fire Chief will be Kevin Greene. Greene has served the Martinsville Fire Department and the Washington Township Fire Department for over a decade. He is a graduate of Purdue University and is a resident of Martinsville.

The City Superintendent will be Mac Dunn. He is a former City Councilman, business owner for over 44 years, and a longtime resident of Martinsville. With his extensive experience in the private sector, Dunn will provide oversight of city operations.

Gary Oakes has been appointed to lead the City Planning/Engineering Department on a transitional basis. Oakes has many years of business management experience. He is a graduate of Purdue University with degrees in Industrial Technology and Management.

Dale Coffey will serve as the City Attorney. The Martinsville native has been practicing law since 1995. Coffey also has been serving as attorney for Morgan County government. He will be leaving that role to join the Costin Administration.

Building Inspector for the city will be Robert Strader. Strader has over 35 years in the construction industry and has been a member of the Martinsville Fire Department for over 25 years. He has been active in the community for many years, most recently serving as Chairman of the Fall Foliage Festival Board of Directors.

The Superintendent for Sanitation and Environmental Services will be Frank Lane. He is a life-long resident of Martinsville and has been with the city for the past 20 years working at the transfer station.

Brad Bales has been appointed Superintendent of the Street and Water Department. Bales has been a local contractor for over 20 years and a graduate of Martinsville High School.

Mack Porter will be the Executive Assistant to the Mayor. Porter has over 40 years of organizational and event management experience. He will be overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Mayor’s office.

Mayor-Elect Costin has also announced that Scotty Manley will be Water Treatment Plant Supervisor; Ike Tumey will be the Code Enforcement Officer; Tiffany Miller will be the Office Administrator for the Street and Water Department and Tracy Hastings will be the Water Office Manager.

In addition to the above appointees, the Mayor, Members of the City Council, and the Clerk-Treasurer and Deputy Clerk-Treasurer will be sworn in on January 1st. The Public is invited to the swearing-in ceremonies which will take place beginning at 11:30 a.m. in the City Council Chambers, 59 South Jefferson Street, Martinsville.