We have reached a deal!!

Months of hard work culminated this morning when County Commissioner Don Adams signed a 10-year lease agreement between Morgan County EMS and Zoll Emergency Medical Corp. The deal is the first of its kind in the Country and will see the newest technology put into the hands of Morgan County EMS providers while saving the County $1.4 million over the 10-years of the lease.

Highlights of the lease are:

Zoll X-Series Advanced Defibrillators with Real-Time CP Feedback, Traumatic Brain Injury Dashboard, Real-Time Ventilatory Feedback, Sepsis Dashboard to name a few

Zoll Zvent with increased abilities to assist us in the ventilation of critically ill patient that cannot control their airway

Zoll AutoPulse – mechanical CPR capabilities to perform continuous CPR that can increase the survivability of cardiac arrest

Included with the lease are a 30% discount of supply and soft cost purchasing on an extensive list of Zoll items

Worry-Free Maintenance Plan that covers all fixable issues that may arise over the 10-years of the lease

One-time technology upgrade replacement – Should Zoll introduce newer technology into the EMS space, Morgan County EMS will be the first to receive said technology. This ensures the best in Zoll technology remains in the hands of Morgan County EMS Providers for at least the next decade. This is on every defibrillator, vent, and Autopulse.

The benefits spelled out in this contract, all of which are not listed, can be extended to our neighboring department within Morgan County or to our partners outside Morgan County. This clause was very important to Director Warren and Zoll Rep Justen Spirk as both wanted to ensure that a possible consortium of agencies could take advantage of the pricing and benefits outlined within.

This a huge gain for patient care in Morgan County and a tremendous savings