Free testing – Attention property owners AND tenants! The EPA is going to test vapor intrusion at the Pike & Mulberry Superfund site in ~January 2022. This is to check if toxic chemicals such as PCE and TCE migrate from groundwater or soil into homes or commercial buildings located on the Superfund site. The EPA Project Manager, Erik Hardin (312-886-2402), and EPA Community Involvement Coordinator, Kirstin Safakas (312-919-4621), will be in Martinsville on October 27, 28, and 29 to sign-up locations for home/property testing. Come to talk with them and get your property tested for freeThe EPA is going to help install the vapor mitigation system free of charge if tested positive. This is important to the health of your family and to your property. This is also important to the clean-up of the superfund site. All properties located on the Superfund site should participate.