## School closures throughout the nation have halted highly-anticipated campus events and activities with hundreds of thousands of students practicing social distancing at home. While the annual Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) Choral Festival—originally scheduled for Wednesday, March 18—has been cancelled, our Chino Hills HS Chamber Singers demonstrated resilience by recording their individual a cappella portion of Over the Rainbow in their separate homes, and through technology were able to appear together as a family again. Their harmonious performance was shared online for the CVUSD community with the goal of spreading hope and cheer during this difficult time.

*You be the judge, but this filled us with a sense of peace and hope. Kudos to this amazing group of kids.

## State Farm customers with auto policies in force between March 20 and May 31 will receive on average a 25% policy credit (no policyholder action needed). That’s 2 billion dollars in customer savings! ow.ly/lEoF50zaAhK

Kudos to Abby Travers and her amazing team at Kroger! Not only are they facing their own challenges trying to keep the Kroger store well stocked and customers and team members safe, but thanks to their generous donations, $100 gift cards were presented to MPD, MFD, Lifeline, EMS, the Morgan County Humane Society and the Martinsville First Church of the Nazarene Food Pantry.

##Inspired by the Adopt a Martinsville High School Senior page, the Adopt a SENIOR – Grand Valley Edition was created to allow folks to adopt a resident of the Grand Valley Senior Living Community. They too have had their lives change dramatically over the last few months and they need a “pick-me-up”. Chelsea Frederick posts brief bios on this group page, using only a resident’s initials and those adopting residents can then put together a goodie bag, send a card or plan something special for that person.

##The Adopt a Martinsville High School Senior Facebook group page is dedicated to celebrating Martinsville High School Seniors who are missing out on some of the best times in their lives. On this page, parents and family of 2020 Martinsville HS Seniors can post a small bio with pictures of their Senior with the intent that someone else in the community will “adopt” the Senior. If someone agrees to “adopt a senior” by commenting on the post of the posted Senior, they will agree to create a small care package for that Senior. A care package can include as much or as little as you want/can.

##From the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department: The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Mr. Bill Harned, who lives in the Eminence area, and his family for the gift of a meal for each deputy. Mr. Harned said he had received his stimulus check and wanted to do something for the deputies. Bill purchased a meal for each deputy at the Sweet Smoothy Cafe in Martinsville. Great food.
What a great county to serve!

##We love to hear wonderful stories about our Chamber members! Did you know that RCV Roofing, Siding & Gutters donated $2000 worth of Swing In Pizza’s gift cards valued at $50 each to Monroe County (home to their business) fire departments and EMS for their service in keeping their community safe? Kudos to Clinton Baugh and his colleagues at RCV Roofing, Siding & Gutters!

## From Jason King, COO at IU Health Morgan: “Once again, I am amazed at the overwhelming generosity of the Morgan County Community. Today, Home Bank bought 55 pizzas, more than enough to feed the entire IU Health Morgan team!! Thank you so much for caring!!”

## These three comments were left in the Mooresville Community Chat Group on FB and all refer to the same awesome act of kindness by a lady named Cindy for her neighbors in the Asbury Ridge neighborhood:

  • “Here is a great positivity post 🙂 my name is Jack and I have been delivering pizza in Mooresville for around thirty years. I work at Marco’s presently. Myself along with two other people just got done delivering 150 pizzas to the entire community at Ashbury Ridge. We had pizzas left over so we distributed them among the fire stations that are local and the police department and as well as the Monrovia Fire Department and Kroger’s and ValuMarket as well as a thank-you to them for working so hard in this time of need. The lady who donated these,  her name is Cindy and is a resident at Ashbury Ridge herself. God bless her and God bless everyone.”
  • “I WANT TO SHOUT OUT TO A LADY HERE IN MY PARK WHO PURCHASED 150 PIZZAS FOR HER NEIGHBORS!!! Yes each household received a medium pizza…I am typing this with tears running down my face..What a WONDERFUL caring person she truly is..Just when you think the world is going to shit…Whoever you are you are a PRECIOUS CARING SOUL..THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FROM YOUR NEIGHBORS IN ASHBURY RIDGE….Also HUGE SHOUT OUT TO THE MARCOS DELIVERY GUYS FOR TAKING THE TIME FOR US!!!!”
  • “Just chilling, get a knock on my door.  It’s a pizza guy and I’m just about to tell him hes got the wrong house…..he says “someone in the park bought a pizza for every house” (I live in Ashbury Ridge).  I asked who, he wanted to respect the anonymity,  so no idea who did this, but if you’re on here  THANK YOU!!!!! That was so dope.  And my kids are home so they got to see an amazing act of kindness. I said on a personal post “the heartbeat of the people is strong” and this just strengthens my belief in that.”

## “This community never ceases to amaze me with it’s kindness and generosity and especially during times of hardship. Thank you Sgt. Peppers Chicken for the delicious lunch donated to the Sheriff’s Office. Even when restaurants are hurting these fine people reached out to say “thank you” to us. God Bless Morgan County. We’ll get through this.”

## “We know how scary things are right now. Even in these difficult times, we have seen so many people come together to do good!
We have been serving Mooresville and surrounding areas for over 70 years. We are proud to be part of a community that reaches out to help and serve others. That is why we donated our apples to the Mooresville School’s lunch program. This program has been providing lunches to around 400 children, every day for the past week.
We look forward to seeing our customers this next season. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay kind.
God bless!”
-The Gregory Family, Gregory’s Orchard

## “Our Zumba class Instructor Heather Stuart Roberts is donating a good portion of $ from each class to someone in the community that has lost their job or who is affected by the virus in some way. Yesterday our class raised $125 that I get to designate the recipient. 🙂

## From IU Health Morgan: “Today, the owner of the Subway in Martinsville (off of Ohio Street) donated five trays of subs to the team members of IU Health Morgan, just to show appreciation. We are blessed to have people like this in our community. We, at IU Health Morgan, thank you!!”

## Bloomington’s first and only craft distillery, Cardinal Spirits, began making hand sanitizer as a little side hustle last week but as of today, they’ve donated hundreds of gallons of hand sanitizer to emergency and essential services from both near and far: like police and fire departments, the postal service, homeless shelters, the humane society and more. They’re ramping up production in a more official way this week — turns out, orgs and businesses need a lot more than 5 gallons here and there, and they want to help them. Need bulk hand sanitizer for your organization? Fill out this form. **You may remember that one of the owners, Jeff Wuslich, was on an entrepreneurs’ panel at one of our Chamber luncheons.

## “From Kroger team last week: “Big THANK YOU to Daniel Household! He bought my Kroger team pizza for lunch today. They were so excited and smiled huge! They got a second breath. We appreciate this so much!”

## “Terisa Messmer is working with A Senior Retreat – Adult Day Services.  They are delivering food and essential supplies to seniors in need.  This is an effort to keep them at home and to assure their needs are met.  If you know of anyone in need or would like to donate non-perishable items, Terisa can be reached at 765-341-8911.”