375 Grand Valley Blvd.
Martinsville IN 46151

As a T-Mobile TPR our focus these past few weeks has been on keeping our employees safe and ensuring we do everything we can to keep everyone connected to their family, friends and informed about Covid-19. Collins Mobile would like to let everyone know The Department of Homeland Security has listed our T-Mobile store in Martinsville as an Essential Retailer and this store is open to support all First Responders and those in need of life sustaining wireless services in the community. 

Collins Mobile knows how important it is for everyone to have a wireless service that allows people to work from home, keeps children connected to their school and lets everyone stay in touch with their loved ones and the T-Mobile in Martinsville is that store!

Please do not hesitate to let us know if there are any needs we can help meet within the Community.  Together we will power thru this pandemic.