By Kelly Thacker, owner of Hoosier Mole Control

Spring has sprung! While most people enjoy this time of year and getting their yard ready for the season, moles are an unwelcomed guest. Rightfully so, I may add. Spring is mating season for most animals, including moles. Interestingly, the babies are called pups and most litters contain 3-4. According to, pups are ready to leave the nest by 6 weeks of age. Yes, you read that right, 6 weeks old. The life expectancy of a mole is about 3 years.

In their short lifespan, they can do A LOT of damage. Learning more about their lifestyle will help you combat the havoc they wreck to your yard. A big misconception is, moles eat the roots of plants. That is not true. They prefer earthworms in garden soil. So much so, moles will eat almost their entire body weight in earthworms daily.

Another fallacy regarding moles is blindness. Moles are not blind, although their eyesight is poor. They have very small eyes and ears to protect them from the dirt while they dig. However, moles have a very keen sense of smell. Did you know, they smell in stereo? They’re one of the few animals that do. This trait is what protects them from predators and guides them to food.

Lastly, moles do not “go away” during the colder months. They dig deeper tunnels to follow the food source and stay warm. It is not uncommon to battle a mole track, or 2, during December; especially since we have been experiencing warmer winters.

Hoosier Mole Control uses a variety of traps to stop the moles from further destruction. We work with our clients to develop a schedule that best fits their needs and will not sell you an unnecessary service. If you are experiencing mole issues, please give us a call, we would be happy to give you a free estimate.

Kelly can be reached at or 314.603.2692.