On November 18, we will hold our annual fundraiser and I need your help. We don’t do fancy galas with high overhead costs. We leave the 5-K’s and golf outings to others. Instead, I, our board, and community volunteers sleep out in cardboard boxes to raise funds and awareness for hunger and homelessness. The purpose is not to “experience” homelessness as we all get up in the morning jump in cars, drive to our warm homes, take a hot shower, and enjoy a hearty breakfast- all comforts not available for those experiencing homelessness. They not only lack shelter, but also hope. The hope that things can get better, the hope that people will care, the hope that their children will have a better life than they have had.

Our goal is $20,000 with 100% of it being used to provide shelter and supportive services to families experiencing homeliness in our community. We are lagging behind with only a couple of weeks to go. Your support would mean a great deal. Thanks for your consideration.


Bob Goodrum, Executive Director, Wellspring