by Elliott Scott, Inbound Marketing Manager – Hudson Plumbing

Your water bill increased last month but you haven’t changed your water usage habits. A spiked water bill can be alarming to a homeowner. The good news is it’s temporary. The bad news is it could be the result of a serious plumbing issue. Here are 5 reasons you might be seeing a raised utility bill:

Hudson Plumbing technicians are uncovering an underground leak in Martinsville, Indiana.

Leaking or Running Toilet
One of the most common causes of a spiked water bill is a running toilet. Some experts report a running toilet can waste up to 6,000 gallons of water per month. And it could add hundreds of dollars to your water bill. The quickest way to determine if your toilet is running is to simply listen. If you can hear trickling or hissing, that might be your culprit.
Leaking Shower or Fixture
Is your shower head dripping? It might not seem like a big deal, but a dripping shower or faucet can quickly lose 2 gallons of water a day. Leaving this leak unresolved day after day can result in a suspiciously high-water bill.
Leaking Pipes
If your water bill spiked significantly this past month you might have an
underground leak. These can be difficult to detect. Thankfully some cities have FREE services like dialing 8-1-1 to help locate underground lines prior to performing a dig job. Central-Indiana residents can then utilize Indiana Leak Detection to uncover those pesky leaks. Even small breaches can result in more than 900 gallons of water loss. Additionally, leaks can occur within walls or in the crawl space—areas that are difficult to observe visually.
Laundry Habits
Perhaps one of the most overlooked causes of high-water bills is the laundry machine. Did you know a top-loading washing machine consumes 200% more water than a front-loading machine? It can be tempting to wash partial loads instead of waiting for a full load, but it’s costing you. Waiting an extra day or two for your favorite pair of jeans can save you money.
Leaking Irrigation System
A cracked or broken irrigation system can affect your water bill. It isn’t uncommon for a spigot to get broken while mowing—or even from being kicked by a child while playing in the yard. These leaks are difficult to isolate and may require the help of a professional plumber.
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