The Caulk-It Co. LLC

Darrell French

Morgantown, IN 46160

(765) 346-1130

Business Description:

The “Caulk-it” company began doing business on March 1st 2009, after the Federal Government’s 2008 announcement of their program called “cash for caulkers”. That program was designed, via tax credits, to encourage Home Owners and Commercial Businesses to better seal their buildings, for the purpose of energy conservation.

About 80% of our workload consists of commercial and industrial projects, with 20% being residential. On the industrial projects, one of the types of caulking we do is “submerged” caulking; this is done on the interior seams of large in-ground concrete water and sludge tanks at Waste Water Treatment Plants. We also do “Chemical Room” caulking, where air-born acids can corrode steel and Caulk/seal “thru-wall” penetrations, where water vessels as large as 10’ diameter may pass through.For these we use a caulk/sealant that must adhere to steel and cure into silicone rubber.

On commercial buildings and projects we do “expansion joint caulking”, in sidewalks, swim pool decks, parking areas, and other concrete/masonry structures, where allowance must be made for the expansion/ contraction of the materials. These types of joints can vary in size from 1/2 inch to 5 inches in width, and normally these caulks/sealants must be able to expand as much as 100%,without worry of failure.

On many of these projects, selected areas of the applied caulk is randomly tested for strength and flexibility before the work is accepted. Other types of caulking that we use include Fire Resistant, Freeze Resistant, UV Resistant, Food Grade, and even “Green” Caulks.

Our customers are important to us and our policy is to always provide a quality product for them.


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