Bars On Fire CrossFit

Chris & Angie Miller

240 S. Main St.
Martinsville, IN 46151

(317) 509-3119

Business Description:

About us: My husband (Chris Miller) and I (Angie Miller) moved to Martinsville eight years ago. He is a native of Martinsville. Until recently, I was a Staff Accountant at CNO Financial and he is currently an Engineering Manager at Endress+Hauser Inc. We purchased the CrossFit box, where we had been members for 1-1/2 years.

About CrossFit: The definition of CrossFit is Constantly Varied, High Intensity, and Functional Movements. Constantly Varied refers to the fact that you will probably never repeat the same workout. This is not your run of the mill gym program. High Intensity means you will get more physiological benefits in less time compared to doing one type of exercise at a low or moderate intensity. We use Functional Movements, which basically means a movement that has real life function i.e.. squatting, picking something off the ground, lifting something overhead. We start you with an on ramp program that teaches you the basics in a controlled environment with a trainer. Workouts are scaled to your current conditioning and ability. The beauty of CrossFit is that you can start with these basic movements and progress in complexity and weight as your fitness increases. CrossFit is for everyone, even those who haven't exercised a day in their lives. The box (gym), is as much about community as it is a place to work out. The last to finish will always receive the most applause. Don’t be afraid to try.

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