Penny Githens, Candidate, IN House District 60

P.O. Box 1428
Bloomington, IN 47402

(812) 369-9538

Business Description:

I am currently a project manager at the IU School of Education and have degrees from both Purdue and IU. I was a stay-at-home mom for 15 years when my boys were young, in part because I felt it was the best way to help my older son who has autism. I was able to make use of my degrees to help my son and other special needs students as a volunteer educational advocate for special education students.

I grew up in Richmond and am very proud of my Hoosier heritage. The Indiana of 2016, however, is not the Indiana of my youth: Something is deeply wrong, and I think we need to change course. We can and must do better. That’s why I am a candidate for the Indiana House in District 60.

Here is what I feel we must do: • Rejuvenate public education. • Repair and rebuild the state’s crumbling infrastructure system. • Resolve the issue of civil rights for all Hoosiers. • Ensure that hard-working Hoosiers are able to earn a living wage. I am committed to listening to constituents and restoring common sense to our legislature. For more information on my background and campaign please go to


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