Indy Honor Flight

Martinsville, IN 46151

Business Description:

Indy Honor was formed in 2012. It's purpose and its mission is to fly WWII veterans to Washington DC to see their memorial. Over 16 million men and women fought in WWII. They saved the world and it still took 59 years after the end of WWII to get their memorial. Now we are fighting time, average age of a WWII veteran now is 90 years old. We do a number fund raisers and try to incorporate local business for services and to allow them to be a part of something so amazing. We started flying 70 at a time with one aircraft and the last two years we have been taking 2 aircraft and flying 178 veterans! We fly 3 times a year, one in the Spring and 2 in the Fall. In between we do fund raisers, take veterans to events, attend and take our veterans to local events honoring them. We also have monthly meals on each side of Indianapolis they attend to keep in touch. Once you are in the Indy Honor Flight family, they are in it for life.


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