Contact: Bob Goodrum
301 W. Harrison P.O. Box 1083 Martinsville IN 46151 Phone: 765.342.6661


Since 1988, WellSpring Center has been able to meet the needs of over 2,200 adults and children by providing emergency and transitional housing, food, clothing, individual and family counseling, educational tutoring, job readiness, and supportive case management. The impact of homelessness on individuals and families is often devastating. Parents frequently face high levels of anxiety as they attempt to find ways to provide basic needs for their families. Children experience social isolation and a range of academic challenges as a direct result of being homeless.

WellSpring Center is committed to providing a safe and secure environment where families can overcome the immediate crisis of homelessness. Experience has shown that providing basic needs, although an important step, is but the first step in helping the family become more self-sufficient.
Through the experience and training of staff and volunteers, residents are introduced to a variety of services which will enable them to work towards the goal of stable housing and increased self-sufficiency all within the framework of a healthy lifestyle.

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