National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP)

Contact: Danelle King
4701 North Keystone Ave, Suite 150 Indianapolis IN 46205 Phone: 317.475.9294 Website:


National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP) is a not-for-profit therapeutic foster care agency that provides flexible, creative, outcome-based programs and services to meet the individual needs of the children, youth and families we serve. Children benefit from nurturing and stable family environments. Foster parents change the lives of children and themselves. Foster parents help create stability for children during difficult times, often as children wait to be reunited with their biological family or prepare for adoption. Foster parents enrich their own lives by giving back to their communities and by helping children with urgent needs.

NYAP is searching for caring adults to join our family tree and become a foster parent. If you have a heart for children, being a foster parent may provide an opportunity to shine a light and follow your heart. We encourage citizens from every walk of life to get involved as foster parents or adoptive parents. Finding out more information is as easy as calling (317) 475-9294 or email Please visit our website at

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