Daniel Elliott, Candidate for County Commissioner

Contact: Daniel Elliott
Address 77 E. Washington St. Martinsville IN 46151 Website: DanielElliott.org


Daniel Elliott is a proven leader in our community. As a County Council member Daniel was been able to bring his experience in business and community service to Morgan County. There are three main points that Daniel will focus on if he is elected to represent Morgan County on the County Commissioner.

Economic Development – Building a stronger, more prosperous Morgan County for everyone
Due to Daniel’s experience as an entrepreneur, his experience as President of Morgan County’s Redevelopment Commission and his expertise in technology he has the skills Morgan county needs to help the county proper in the 21st century. Daniel is committed to bringing new job opportunities and businesses to Morgan County.

Open Government – Helping local government to be more open and accountable to the taxpayers
The primary role of the County Council is to be the fiduciary body of the county. Daniel will focus on assuring that taxpayer dollars are used using sound and proven fiscally conservative principals. He will also make sure that the people of Morgan County have the services that the county needs to assure a smooth running local government. Daniel is committed to find ways to use today’s technology to provide more transparency and better services to Morgan County residents.

Community Values – It’s important to strengthen our local non-profit and faith based programs that serve our community
While local government is an important tool to help a community grow. Government, no matter how well intended, cannot answer all of our community’s needs. Often our local churches, service organization and non-profits need local government to make the process easier or to even get out of the way of those groups who make up the heart of our community. Where needed, Daniel will work with these organizations that are serving the needs of our community.

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