Growing Green, Inc.

Contact: Stephanie Nutter, Director & Co-founder
Martinsville Indiana 46151 Phone: 575.356.6391 Website:


The Recyclean Program: “Paying the World Back”

Growing Green, Inc. is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization established February 14, 2011, for purposes that are beneficial to the public interest including charitable contributions for educational and scientific research and development in areas of recycling, unique conservation efforts, researching and implementing new and emerging green technology, and animal protection (both domestic and wild).

We have recently implemented a new Recyclean Program that is a two-phase project.  We would like to establish a Green Energy Industrial Park, near Martinsville, to help entice manufacturing businesses of all makes and models, by helping to offset their operating expenses with the utilization of existent and emerging green energy technologies.

Phase two of this project will be to locate a Recycling Facility within the Green Energy Industrial Park, that will help reduce the total amount of waste entering surrounding landfills.  Our goal will be to increase public awareness and participation in recycling in Morgan County.  And we’re offering an Incentive-Based Opportunity for residents and commercial facilities, to both increase the quality and quantity of recycled materials in our area.  After all, if you buy a bottle of water, and you drink the water, the bottle still has value, and we believe that incentivizing recycling will help to increase the quantity of materials diverted from landfills.

We are excited to be considered for membership, with the Martinsville Chamber of Commerce!!  And just as their tagline asks . . . “come grow with us!!!”

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