BCA Environmental Consultants

Contact: Joel Markland
7202 E 87th Street Suite 110 Indianapolis IN 46256 Phone: 317.578.4233 Website: BCAConsultants.com


Bruce Carter Associates, LLC (BCA) is a broad-based environmental consulting firm with a reputation for giving clients high-quality services. BCA’s reputation as a leader in the environmental consulting field is based upon quality service at competitive prices. We are proud of our relationship with the regulatory agencies and strive to maintain strong communications with the agencies for our clients.

Our highly experienced Compliance Team has assisted with even the most complex air, water, and solid waste permitting and challenges, and has developed and maintained the most comprehensive Environmental Management Systems in the industry.

Our Environmental Investigation and Remediation Team develops unique and comprehensive environmental strategies which limit liability and mitigate risk while meeting regulatory standards. Our thorough knowledge of funding opportunities allows our clients to envision, evaluate, plan, and achieve their environmental investigation and remediation goals.

Finally, our Sustainability Team tailor’s green strategies to improve business performance and lower operating costs.

At BCA, we recognize the need for quality services that balance regulatory compliance, competitive pricing, and strong communications with regulators. BCA’s creative, cost-conscious approach to environmental consulting allows us to provide our clients with effective solutions to our clients’ complex environmental challenges.

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7202 E 87th Street Suite 110 Indianapolis IN 46256