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INDOT Releases I-69 Section 6 Final Environmental Impact Statement

Combined FEIS and Record of Decision put project on path to completion

INDIANAPOLIS (February 8, 2018) – The final leg of Interstate 69 in Indiana is a step closer to completion with the release of the Tier 2 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) for I-69 Section 6.  In addition to increasing economic activity in the Martinsville to Indianapolis corridor, I-69 Section 6 will improve safety and travel times for motorists.

An electronic version of the document can be viewed at under the Section 6/FEIS tab. Printed copies of the document will be available for review tomorrow at the following locations:The 1,700 page FEIS affirms State Road 37 from State Road 39 to Interstate 465 as the alignment for the 26-mile stretch of highway, and includes recommendations for roadway right of way, location and types of 10 interchanges, placement of 13 overpasses and underpasses and construction of more than 18 miles of new local access roads. The exhaustive study identifies and proposes ways to mitigate the impacts that I-69 Section 6 construction could have on homes, businesses and natural assets within the corridor.

  • Indianapolis Public Library, 5301 Kentucky Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46221
  • Indiana State Library, 140 N. Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204
  • Indianapolis Public Library, 40 E. St. Clair Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
  • Monroe County Public Library, 303 E. Kirkwood, Bloomington, IN 47408
  • Indianapolis Public Library, 2630 E. Stop 11 Road, Indianapolis, IN 46227
  • Johnson County Library, 1664 Library Boulevard, Greenwood, IN 46142
  • Mooresville Public Library, 220 W. Harrison Street, Mooresville, IN 46158
  • Morgan County Public Library, 9410 State Road 144, Martinsville, IN 46151
  • Morgan County Library, 110 S. Jefferson Street, Martinsville, IN 46151
  • Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library, 1120 Stafford Road, Plainfield, IN 46108
About Next Level Roads
“In Indiana, the Crossroads of America is more than a motto; it’s our mission.”
– Governor Eric Holcomb

Next Level Roads is Governor Eric J. Holcomb’s initiative to elevate Indiana’s economic competitiveness and quality of life for all Hoosiers through investment in transportation infrastructure. This sustainable, data-driven plan dedicates more than $30 billion over the next 20 years to improving the conditions of existing roads and bridges – both state and local, finishing major projects, and building for the future. Next Level Roads is enhancing Indiana’s position as a leader in freight and logistics and empowering cities, towns and counties to build communities that attract jobs and talent. Learn more about Next Level Roads at

About the Indiana Department of Transportation
INDOT empowers businesses to deliver Indiana to the world and bring the world to Indiana by providing a transportation network that is second to none. The agency builds and maintains more than 28,000 lane miles of highway and 5,600 bridges, and provides oversight for 117 public aviation facilities and more than 4,000 miles of active rail lines. Indiana ranked as the #1 state in the U.S. for infrastructure in CNBC’s 2016 “Top States for Business” ranking. Learn more about INDOT at

Media Contact
Andy Dietrick


SOS – Success Over Stress

Interested in helping your employees find healthy ways to manage and deal with stress? Morgan County Substance Abuse Council has a free presentation that is ideal for workplace training. This presentation will teach healthy coping strategies and warning signs for employees to look for in themselves and their coworkers. We know you want your organization to be healthy both physically and emotionally and we can help you achieve that with SOS- Success Over Stress. Presentations are typically one hour, but can be tailored to your organization’s needs and are free for Morgan County businesses.

Call 765-342-1013 or email to schedule your organization or to learn more about this opportunity.

Ladies Night at Bars on Fire Crossfit

Ladies, join us for a night of BootCamp and Yoga. This event is open to the public and is only $10. Fee can be paid at the event. Kim Cooper from Breathe and Flow will be conducting the yoga session. The BootCamp is for all fitness levels. We will have vendors set up for the event including Lipsense, Fitness apparel, Doterra, Nerium and more…

Saturday, March 3rd

5:00 – 7:00 pm

Bars on Fire Crossfit

479 Gardner Ave.


Call me (Angie) at 317-509-3119 with any questions. See you soon and spread the word. Let’s pack the house!

Morgan County Farm Bureau Inc. and Greater Martinsville Chamber of Commerce Sponsor Third House Session

Recently, a Third House Session was hosted at the Morgan County Farm Bureau Insurance building in Martinsville and sponsored by the Greater Martinsville Chamber of Commerce and Morgan County Farm Bureau Inc.

A wide range of topics and bills were discussed by lawmakers and constituents that could potentially affect Morgan, surrounding counties, and the state.

Those attending the event in the photo are left to right; Morgan Co. Farm Bureau Member Rich Myers, Republican Asst. Majority Floor Leader Rep. Peggy Mayfield, Dist. 60, Republican Majority Floor Leader Sen. Rod Bray, Dist. 37, Republican Rep. Jim Baird, Dist. 44, Morgan Co. Farm Bureau Member Jerry Hodges, Morgan Co. Farm Bureau President Troy Sprinkle, Morgan Co. Farm Bureau Member Ron Burnett, Greater Martinsville Chamber of Commerce President Jamie Taylor, and Morgan Co. GOP Chair Daniel Elliott, who served as moderator for the event.

Learn more about how tax changes will affect you

What will 2018 DO to YOU?  Want YOUR numbers?

Courtesy of Melissa Schiff, CPA, PC

We are offering a projection that will show you what your tax would be if the new laws were applied this year.  We will use your 2017 data and produce an easy-to-read summary.

This is a projection.  If you would like us to do this at the time of tax preparation for 2017 we would be happy to.

Bonus:  If you request it when you drop off your tax info we will do the calculations for a nominal charge!

Some of the factors that will change tax returns:

•            Standard deduction – has doubled, meaning many people who itemized in the past will not do so any longer

•            Personal & Dependent Exemptions – gone.  You no longer get to exempt a dollar amount from your income for each person on your return

•            Child Tax Credit – repealed and replaced with a new and “improved” Child Tax Credit

•            Changes in how much of the Child Tax Credit is refundable

•            Non-Child Tax Credit – If you have dependents who are not your children (or simply no longer children) you may qualify for a new credit

•            Entertainment Expenses – Generally, gone with some exceptions

•            Meals – increases in which ones are limited to 50%

•            Travel to casinos will be deductible – under certain circumstances

•            Deductible limitation for charitable contributions was increased

•            Repeal of individual mandate provision in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) – beginning in 2019 the PENALTY is gone!

•            New 20% deduction – Watch for more info on this later!

•            Miscellaneous deductions such as union dues, safety deposit boxes – gone

•            Medical expense deduction – returns back to 7.5% of adjusted gross income

•            Limitations on mortgage interest deductions

•            New tax brackets for almost everyone!

•            Capital gain tax rates no longer follow the current year tax brackets

•            Limitations for deducting state/local income tax and property taxes

•            529 Distributions – expanded to include elementary, secondary, and private school tuition

Melissa A. Schiff, CPA, PC

2597 Old SR 37 South

Martinsville, IN 46151

Phone: (765) 349-8272 Fax: (765) 342-1666

Anytime Fitness hosting Corporate Challenge


Anytime Fitness Corporate Challenge

It’s that time again…most of us have jumped headfirst into our New Year’s resolutions just days after asking ourselves these questions: “Is 2018 the year that I’m going to get in shape?” “What gym am I going to join?” “How much weight do I want to lose?” “I’m gonna quit smoking and get healthy!” These are only a few of the many aspirations we always hear. Unfortunately, most of us have given up on these goals after day 15 and then we wait another 350 days to try again.

Here at Anytime Fitness we’ve realized that if we can’t show results in the first 21 days of someone joining our facility then the likelihood of us retaining them long term drops significantly. Because of this we’ve started using our now popular 21 Day Challenge to get people real results real fast. We’ve found that in order for people to truly enjoy getting healthier they must have all of the tools necessary to stay Motivated, they must have a sense of Accountability and most people certainly enjoy a Challenge!

Here’s what our 21 Day Challenge consist of:

  • 24hr Access to Anytime Fitness
  • Meal Plan
  • 2 Assessments (before and after to measure progress)
    • Body Weight, Body Fat
    • Body Mass Index, Circumference Measurements
    • Range of Motion Screening, Strength Test
  • 9 Small Group Personal Training Sessions
    • Focused on Strength and Toning
  • Unlimited Large Group Sessions
    • Focused on Fat Burning

We are looking for 2 or more Companies in Morgan County that have at least 5-10 people that want to take part in our 21 Day Challenge. The winning company gets bragging rights and public recognition for their accomplishments. The Challenge Participant who loses the most body fat percentage will win a 6 month membership to our facility!

Most importantly we want to introduce everyone to a program that gets real measurable results so they can again feel good about themselves, have more energy to play with kids or grandkids, improve their work performance and ultimately get their quality of life back to where they think it should be.

The cost for each Challenge Participant is only $99 each. When doing the math the value is easy to spot: $99/avg 15 sessions = $6.60 for a hr Personal Training Session!! You’d be very hard pressed to find this sort of deal anywhere. To top this off I want to give you an additional discount all the way down to $79 if you can get 5 or more participants involved! If this awesome deal interest you I’d love to discuss this more in detail to answer any questions you may have! Thank you so much for reading the full content of this email and I look forward to hearing from you!!

Zach White

Anytime Fitness Martinsville

Cell 765-342-3600






Details and application for Duke It Out Youth Pitch Competition

The Martinsville Chamber presents the Duke It Out Pitch Competition for 7-12th graders

About the Competition

How does it work: Students will have 3 minutes to give live, verbal pitches to a group of local judges. Students can use notes and props during their pitches, but will not be allowed to use PowerPoint or video. Judges will select the top 3 pitches. The first-place finisher will receive $250, the second-place winner will receive $100, and the third-place finisher will receive $50!

We’re here to help! The practice session will be held on Thursday, February 8th, 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Martinsville Chamber offices inside the Main Connection at 460 S. Main St. (former school admin building). Mentors will be available to help you with your pitch and go over the rules of the competition. You may contact Jamie Taylor at or 765.342.8110 if you have any questions.


Definition of a Pitch

On the day of the Duke it Out Pitch Contest, we’ll be asking you to give what’s called an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a short summary, usually given in verbal form, to quickly and simply explain a business or idea in an engaging way. The term ‘elevator pitch’ comes from the idea that if you meet someone who could be important to your business unexpectedly, that you need to be able to summarize your business idea in under 3 minutes (the length of an elevator ride) in a way that grabs their attention and makes them want to continue the conversation. The goal of an elevator pitch is not to give the listener every single detail of your business idea, but to help them understand what the business is about and its potential value.

For examples of good elevator pitches, visit and click the link at the top of the page that says ‘Pitch Examples’ or scroll down to the bottom of the page.

5 Parts of the Pitch –  Asking yourself the bulleted questions below each of the five parts will help you to formulate your pitch.  The judges will be looking for answers to these questions, either during your pitch or as part of the Q & A immediately following your presentation.

  1. The Problem and Opportunity
  • Who are you and what is the name of your company?
  • Is it a product (something you make) or service (something you do for someone)? What kind? 
  • What problem are you solving, what need are you going to meet? Why should I care about what you’re selling me? 
  1. What makes your solution unique? What differentiates your product or service from the products and services that already exist to address this problem?
  • What are the features of your product or service? How will I use it? What does it look like? What does it feel like?
  • What are the benefits to your customers? How will they benefit from it?  What’s in it for them if they buy from you?
  • Why should I buy from you instead of someone else? 
  1. The target customer (who else might be experiencing this problem or pain point)?
  • Who will use your product? How old are they? Where do they live?  Are they married or single? Do they have kids?  How much income do they need to afford your product? Does their education level matter?
  • How many people fall into your target market?
  1. How will you make money (business model)?
  • How will you market your business? How will you advertise?
  • How much will your product or service cost? How will you charge for it… (what quantity, payment options)?
  • How many do you think you can sell?
  • How much money do you think you can make each year?
  1. Conclusion (what do you need to make it happen or tagline)
  • If your business has a catchy, memorable tagline you can include it here

Competition Rules

  1. All participants must be 7th – 12th grade students who are enrolled for the Spring 2018 semester in the MSD of Martinsville, Tabernacle Christian School or a homeschool in the MSD of Martinsville district.
  2. Any illegal or inappropriate business ideas will be automatically disqualified.  Please avoid the use of inappropriate language.
  3. Students may register for the competition as a team, but teams cannot exceed two people. If prizes are won, teams will split prizes equally.
  4. If students win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, they will write a thank you note to Duke Energy and will have a meeting within 1 month after the pitch competition with staff from the Martinsville Chamber or designated mentors.
  5. No copyrighted materials may be used unless permission has been granted.
  6. Any individual may pitch only one idea. If the individual is on a team, they may pitch 1 additional idea as long they pitch a different idea than the one that is pitched by their team.
  7. All participants will be given 3 minutes to give a verbal pitch to a group of judges. Pitches will be given in verbal format; only notes and props may be used.  PowerPoint presentations and videos will not be permitted.
  8. Please dress appropriately in business professional clothing (no jeans with holes or hoodies, please).

Download Duke It Out Application

Download Duke It Out Pitch Information