To say that society is struggling with “supply-chain” issues is a HUGE understatement!  Everything from building materials to food at the grocery has been in less supply and higher priced.  The heating, air conditioning, and plumbing industry is no exception.  There are repair parts that we have been waiting on since March, with no real answers as to when we can expect them.

Why am I mentioning this to you?  The LAST thing you want for your home or office is to find yourself in a situation of needing a repair on your comfort system in the middle of the upcoming cold months, and the needed parts are unavailable.  Being prepared is the answer!  Schedule an appointment with a trained and licensed HVAC contractor to thoroughly inspect, clean, and prepare your heating system for the winter.  The sooner the better!  This is NOT just a dusting-off and vacuum job.  This should be a complete disassembly of the combustion section, thorough cleaning and inspection of these components as well as the air circulation and exhaust sections.  A weak component can often be detected and addressed long before it fails.  My hope is that everything is great and ready to provide you with reliable comfort all winter, but if an issue is detected during this inspection process, we have time to locate parts. 

We would love to show you why we have been the preferred heating and air conditioning service provider in Morgan County for 45 years.  Give us a call at 317-831-5279 or visit us at to schedule an appointment and get the peace of mind that preparedness brings.