This is an exciting time for our community as the completion of I-69 through Martinsville brings many opportunities. One of those valuable opportunities is the promotion of some of our businesses through the official signage at and near interchanges and on state highways. Although INDOT and their contractors have not officially released the sites where signage is permitted, we wanted to give our businesses this chance to learn about the process, some idea of the costs involved, and probably most importantly, the qualifications necessary for consideration.

While INDOT has the final say on the signage, the process is handled by a private contractor, the Indiana Logo Sign Company. We appreciate that Cory Furman, the Marketing and Compliance Coordinator, and his colleague Becky Meier have graciously agreed to give us an overview of the LOGO & TOD signage programs. I will let Cory & Becky explain the difference in the programs and processes.

Thank you to Cory and Becky for helping us to understand the process to promote certain businesses (GAS, FOOD, LODGING, CAMPING, ATTRACTION) through signage on interstates, and state and national highways.

Do you have a business that might benefit from official signage on the new Interstate 69 in Morgan County? Do you want to learn more about the possibility of your business leasing signage on local state highways? If you know of someone else who might have interest, please share this information with them.

The Specific Service Sign Program (or Logo Program) directs motorists to businesses off of limited access roadways – or where the motorist must take an exit ramp to leave the roadway (such as I-69). The Logo Program services GAS, FOOD, LODGING, CAMPING, and ATTRACTION businesses. Each of these categories operates under its own subset of regulations in the Indiana Administrative Code.

Watch this presentation to learn about the qualifications and the process to promote your business with LOGO and/or TOD signage. If you know of someone else who might have interest, please share this information with them.

*Please note that while the LOGO signs that Cory speaks of will not be available until the sites are released and approved by INDOT, the TOD program mentioned by Becky is available at any time, so feel free to contact her.

PowerPoint Presentation – Indiana Logo Sign Group